Permanent Hair Removal for People with Curly, Wavy or Coarse Hair

Electrolysis … So You Look Your Very Best
Everyone enjoys looking his or her very best. When you feel good about your appearance, you feel confident wherever you go. Feeling beautiful all over – having smooth hair-free skin – can play a big part in the way you feel about yourself. You can enhance your self-image with a comfortable, effective hair removal method that keeps you looking sleek and beautifully smooth – electrolysis.
There is no better solution for removing unwanted hair than electrolysis. This treatment effectively removes curly, wavy or coarse hair so you can enjoy smooth, permanently hair-free skin.

Common Questions About Electrolysis For People With Curly, Wavy or Coarse Hair

Q Who has this kind of hair?
A People with dark skin have a higher likelihood of having this type of facial or body hair, but it appears in all skin tones. An individual with straight hair can also have an ingrown hair.

Q Why is curly or coarse hair a problem?
A Curly hair is more prone to become ingrown or cause raised bumps on your skin. Coarse hair gets stuck underneath the skin. Attempting to manage these problems by temporary methods such as depilatories, shaving or tweezing can make them worse through scarring or creating discolored areas of skin.

Q How does electrolysis help with these issues?
A Electrolysis safely removes ingrown hairs and the curly, coarse hairs that are prone to damage your skin without creating the issues caused by tweezing, other temporary methods of hair removal or incorrect shaving methods.

Q Since I have this type of hair, are there any special side effects I need to consider?
A No. Electrolysis has proven to be a safe and effective procedure for all skin tones and types of hair.

Q Where can I get more information about electrolysis?
A Answers to general questions about electrolysis are available on the FAQ page.

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